Supply Chain Transparency

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Complete supply chain visibility for the Cosmetics Industry

Product authenticity. Security. Brand engagement. Transparency.

Our end-to-end digital supply chain visibility solutions provide authenticity, traceability, and engagement for your brand. We enable you to trace the entire product lifecycle and leverage data to combat counterfeits, engage directly with consumers, and promote sustainability. By giving every product a unique digital identity, you will protect your brand, meet consumer demand for product information and personalized engagement, and maximize manufacturing efficiency, sustainability, and safety.


  • Protect your consumers, your reputation, and hard-won brand equity from fake, diverted, or unauthorized products
  • Connect and engage with your consumers directly with personalized customer experiences in the store and after the purchase
  • Grow revenues with improved customer experiences and loyalty and enable new business models
  • Reduce costs by optimizing returnable/reusable assets, reducing waste, reducing overhead on data investigation and audit reporting
  • Lead on sustainability and meet ESG compliance goals with new sources of data validation
  • Real-time, 360o enterprise visibility
  • Owned media channel: Detailed product information and authentic first-party data
  • Make better decisions, faster by seeing & measuring your supply chain in real-time, from origin to end consumer
  • Enable broader and more granular data collection to better understand ESG performance and to enable more accurate reporting
  • Provide granular data to consumers, including the origin of materials and proof of sustainable and ethical sourcing
  • Use traceability and transparency to build trust-based relationships with consumers and to differentiate products across markets
  • Guide consumer behavior on recycling and capturing more accurate data on recycling rates (supporting a response to new green taxes)
  • Gain valuable insight into customers