Reporting procedure


Antares Vision enables employees, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders in general (e.g. shareholders, persons with administrative, management, control, supervisory or representative functions) to report episodes that constitute an infringement of the Italian Legislative Decree no.231/2001, offences falling within the scope of European Union or national acts relating to the sectors identified by Italian Legislative Decree 24/2023 or violations of company procedures through a dedicated platform that guarantees the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity.

The aim of this instrument is to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities or other anomalies within the company, and to involve all stakeholders and the public in countering illegal acts through an active and responsible participation.


By clicking the button at the bottom of this page, users may access the whistleblowing platform, possibly not anonymously. The reports are received by Mr. Francesco Menini (external consultant to Antares Vision), in his role of report manager, which commits itself to manage each report confidentially and not to reveal the whistleblower’s identity without his consent and in compliance with the provisions of the applicable laws. Personal data contained in the reports, if any, are collected and processed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and related implementing legislation and stored for the period of time strictly necessary to process the relevant report. This reporting tool backs up and integrates the other means (e-mail address, “snail mail” and mailbox located in every seat of the company) provided for to send a report, according to the Italian Legislative Decree no.231/2001.


Often, employees or other subjects are in condition to know or learn about non-conformities or other irregularities that the company is not able to identify in a timely manner. Therefore, it is important that the company- has the possibility to check and correct these anomalies. Responsible reports, done in good faith and in the interest of the common good, can allow the company to intercept in time, remedy and prevent illegitimate behaviors and irregular episodes of corruption, fraud or other non-conformities constituting a breach of the company’s ethical code, and a damage for the company and third parties as well.


This procedure accepts reports made preferably in a non-anonymous way. The report must be made in good faith and must be both specific and detailed. In any event, the information provided will be treated confidentially. The whistleblower in good faith is also protected against possible retaliation, as provided for by the law.


During the auditing and assessment for possible non-conformities, the individuals subject to reporting might be involved in or notified of this activity, but in no way a proceeding will be started solely on the basis of the report in absence of concrete evidence supporting the content of the report itself.


It is the whistleblower’s responsibility to report in good faith and according to the provisions of this procedure. Reports that are manifestly unfounded, opportunistic and/or submitted with the sole aim to damage the subject of the report or others concerned, will not be taken into consideration and may be punishable by disciplinary sanctions and/or legal proceedings.


Click here to view the procedure for reporting violations (“Whistleblowing”)

By using the whistleblowing platform, the whistleblower declares to accept the above.