Sustainability Initiatives / Projects

Elimination of the sale of plastic bottles from all dispensers and installed drinking fountains.

Antares Vision Group has decided to join the world campaign #PlasticFree, the initiative #I am Environment promoted by the Ministry of Environment and to anticipate the European ban on all single-use plastic products such as cutlery, dishes, straws, sticks, and containers. The first step is to replace the bottle dispensers with drinking water dispensing fountains; the installation of new coffee machines, which pour liquids into paper cups and allow the use of reusable personal containers and the distribution of Antares Vision Group water bottles.

Paperless campaign including all manuals of machines to be designed for digital consultation

From a documentary point of view, the quality office has replaced the packaging of the documentation supplied with the machinery with an eco-sustainable version and the format of the new machine manuals will be designed specifically for digital consultation in such a way as to discourage, over time, the demand for the paper version by customers.

Implementation of Separate Waste Collection

During the years of the pandemic, a new equipped area was created at the Headquarters, and better recycling guidelines for inside the building were drawn up, due to be launched in 2024. Overall, areas for improvement were identified, which could be achieved by adopting adequate measures to be extended to the entire group, that could enable a separate waste collection figure of 95% to be reached, against the current group percentage of 60% (as at 31/12/2022).

Ecological printing

In 2021, new Eco Ink printers were introduced, and have been gradually implemented, using a Follow Me system through which printing is controlled by the use of a personal badge, in the entire Italian company and in FT System.

Energy from renewable sources

As regards the Headquarters, an expression of interest has been sent to the Municipality of Travagliato, with a view to participating in a tender promoted by the Lombardy Regional Authority to build a Renewable Energy Community.


In autumn 2022, an energy challenge was launched to reduce energy waste by disseminating best practices and practical central measures, such as turning off the facade of the building, while maintaining only the lower part and the Antares Vision Group sign switched on for safety reasons; a fixed temperature of between 18° and 20° was set in the winter and between 24° and 26° in the summer for all environments (the thermostat can be adjusted within these ranges); the power of the compressors was also reduced. These measures were recommended to the Group’s Italian and American entities


In summer 2023, the Headquarters launched an innovative project called an “Alliance for biodiversity”, through which one of the grassy plots on the boundary will be cut less frequently, enabling it to flower and flourish to create the perfect habitat for pollinating insects.
Animal pollination is the fundamental basis for the ecology of species and the functioning of ecosystems, the conservation of habitats and the provision of a wide range of important and vital services and benefits for humans, including the production of food, textile fibre, timber and other tangible products. In essence, pollination, especially entomophilous pollination, (namely when the pollen is transported by insects – instead it is called ornithophilous pollination if the pollen is transported by birds), is the basis of biodiversity, of our existence and of our economies. Over 75% of the main agricultural crops and around 90% of wild flowering plants need bees, wasps, butterflies, ladybugs, spiders, reptiles, birds, mammals and pollinators in general to transfer pollen from a flower to the other and reproduce.