Antares Vision is a sponsor of the WAU Talentiamo “Project Oriented to the Company of the Future” which puts young people in contact with local companies. The project is aimed at students from technical institutes with excellent grades, those who are close to graduation or recent graduates who received their degrees in the last two years or those who have done at least a three-year degree in Economics, Law or Engineering. Transformation takes time and starts from an awareness of current trends. One of these is digitalization; another is the sphere of relations and relationships within Organisations and Teams. The programme helps young people to enter the world of work, with a good blend of soft skills and hard-digital skills. At the end of the course, the participants have the opportunity to join the Sponsor Companies of the Project, and to learn, deepen and contribute to the development of the company where they will carry out their work. The course is divided into 100 hours of training and 6 months of an extracurricular internship. Soft skills training is provided by the WAU teaching team,

CEOs and managers are often guests of Talent Days, Career Days and Open Days at the various faculties in Milan and Brescia, giving lessons in the various courses based on their personal experience. In particular, in 2019, Emidio Zorzella and Massimo Bonardi were among the protagonists of Smart Future Academy, an innovative project aimed at Brescia high schools, which aims to help students understand what they would like to do “when they grow up” through contact with career coaches and figures of excellence in entrepreneurship, culture and art.

Automation Farm

In January 2022, Antares Vision joined the “Automation Farm” project, an educational format, in which other local companies participate. It is active mainly in the Parma area, which undertakes to offer schools and technical institutes the opportunity to receive specific training in the field of industrial automation. The training focuses on the tools that companies use for their work; first teachers are trained to ensure that during their classroom lessons with pupils, the software and technologies donated by Automation Farm to each school are used in support of the textbooks. Secondly, companies participate in lessons scheduled within laboratories.

Automation Farm was created to bring local companies engaged in the automation sector closer to the world of technical education. This Format undertakes to offer schools/training institutions the opportunity to receive specific training in the field of industrial automation through the knowledge of technicians and experts.