Letter to the Stakeholders

Dear stakeholders,

We are pleased to present Antares Vision Group’s second edition of the Sustainability Report (Non-Financial Statement pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016), the document that summarizes the objectives, activities, positive and negative impacts, as well as the Group’s results vis-à-vis its stakeholders.

This report is integral to what is for all intents and purposes, an increasingly concrete and strategic path to sustainability, which aims at deeply integrating ESG issues into every aspect of the Group’s business. Indeed, our vision has always been consistent with the objective of making our contribution to the sustainable development of the Company, i.e., one that responds to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own.

Recent years have been characterized by constantly evolving economic macro-trends and geopolitical scenarios that have suddenly changed the points of reference we used to deal with, as well as a climate of global uncertainty caused primarily by the conflict in Ukraine, but also by the difficulties in procuring electronic components, by inflation, by higher logistics costs, by volatile exchange rates and by the increase in interest rates. Despite all this, the Group has been able to continue its growth path, thanks to a business vision that sees Antares Vision Group as an enabler of innovation and digitization, representing a choice of value for the needs of markets, supply chains, governments, and institutions, in line with new consumption trends. In particular, the important evolution of regulations directed at guaranteeing health, safety and improving people’s lives, with greater attention to environmental protection and the withdrawal of natural resources, which provide incentives to make the systems of production of essential goods more efficient and sustainable such as, for example, those of the food chain and pharmaceutical products.

Letter to the Stakeholders [1] - Antares Vision Group

The Group’s business model therefore finds its structural drivers in the ESG factors themselves, as it is able to generate, thanks to its innovative solutions, a positive impact in the quantification, management and minimization of the so-called carbon footprint of each product unit. Through its unique and integrated ecosystem of technologies, which generates data and information on product sustainability (origin of raw materials, transformation process methods), production processes (energy consumption, quality, waste) and the supply chain (monitoring of distribution channels, transport in real time, last mile steps and carbon footprint), Antares Vision Group presents itself as a real “natural enabler” of supply chain transparency and sustainable transition to encourage the implementation of a circular economy. For this reason, as a technological partner, the Group guarantees the safety and health of people, products, businesses and supply chains, integrating sustainability principles with a vision focused on the conscious and efficient use of resources.

In fact, we are convinced that the ability to collect data directly from the field and the integrated management of end-to-end, product and supply chain data today represent indispensable characteristics in order to guarantee a sustainable future for conscious entrepreneurial activity.

Taking centre stage is digitalization, the essential strategic driver of growth and innovation in all reference markets, where the ability to transform “physical” processes into data opens up a channel of communication with everyone in the supply chain, guaranteeing the transparency and sustainability of processes end-to-end. Through the integration of technologies and skills within the group, we are able to connect the physical world with the digital world, enabling digitalization paths to transform data into information and information into value to help make decisions, contributing to the construction of a transparent supply chain, from origin to use. As enablers of innovation, we are therefore able to create data, through the connection between physical and digital, transforming it into information and processing it to extract value from it.

Furthermore, Antares Vision Group, as a promoter of sustainability, is engaged in projects and initiatives in the name of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, supporting research and innovation and enhancing the artistic heritage of the area and the corporate community.

Letter to the Stakeholders [2] - Antares Vision Group

Also, for this reason, last October we signed the Brescia 2050 Sustainability Pact which brought together many entrepreneurs from Brescia who, with their work, their will and the concreteness of their dreams, have made this area one of the most prosperous and advanced in the whole country, giving shape to a civil society that is committed, critical and always oriented towards progress. Today a formidable new challenge awaits us: that of making our development model sustainable, moving from “doing things right” to “doing the right things well”. Courage, determination and vision are required of entrepreneurs, because the transition will be demanding and selective, but companies will be able to continue to be primary sources of well-being and social and economic development. Institutions are responsible for providing clear rules and guidelines, facilitating a fair transition through adequate incentives, simplifying obligations, making choices with a long-term perspective and for the common good. Citizens have a historic civil responsibility, making daily choices to achieve an inclusive sustainable lifestyle.

This is why, as a Group, we constantly strive to facilitate positive impacts among our workers and in society, transforming the values expressed in the Code of Ethics into concrete actions and promote socialization projects within the company, environmental sustainability, and promotion of the artistic heritage cultural and support to charitable organizations and associations. We will therefore continue to make choices of sustainable growth, both by promoting integration, searching for synergies and efficiencies within the Group, and by enhancing human capital and our innovation skills. The implementation of sustainable business practices therefore becomes not only virtuous behaviour, but also, and above all, an essential competitive opportunity for the future of the Group, with the aim of transparently describing the production processes, supply chains, impacts generated on the environment and the conditions in which people work.

These are the cornerstones of AV’s way of doing business, in the context of a sustainable vision that involves various dimensions: social, economic and governance.

Letter to the Stakeholders [3] - Antares Vision Group