Letter to the Stakeholders

Dear stakeholders,

The third edition of the Sustainability Report (Non-Financial Report pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016) of Antares Vision Group sees the light at the end of a profoundly transformative period for our Group. Above all, it saw the entry of a new CEO, Gianluca Mazzantini, who with his proven experience will bring an important boost to our growth, working not only on making processes more efficient (including those connected to ESG issues), but also on strengthening our international leadership

Again this year, the document illustrates the values, objectives, impacts (positive and negative) and results of the Group’s activity, based on the sustainability indicators established by the Global Reporting Initiative, with greater awareness that comes from applying the new CSRD regulation from 2024. Through the implementation of its industrial strategy and thanks to its ecosystem of values and business model, the Group is committed to pursuing a sustainable business model. This approach must also be reflected in a firm commitment to the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UNO, which form an integral part of it. The pursuit of the SDGs does in fact have a positive impact on social and environmental fields and, at the same time, represents a business opportunity for companies.

An increasingly complete and broad document, which we believe is representative of practices well rooted in our corporate culture and in our way of doing business: evidence of an increasingly articulated and concrete sustainability path, which aims at the progressive integration of ESG issues in every activity of the Group: from policies in favour of people to the expansion of activities linked to environmental sustainability, from the introduction of new and advanced DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) policies to the active involvement of staff, collaborators and the Group’s value chain.

Sustainability issues have in fact always been a fundamental part of the company’s DNA, well before the attention of financial markets and public opinion became as sensitive as it is today. In our experience, this approach has always proven to be fundamental not only in its more “humanistic” meaning of attention to the environment and people, but above all in its ability to support the business in the long term.

A business that puts digitalization centre stage as the essential strategic driver of growth and innovation in all reference markets, where the ability to transform “physical” processes into data opens up a channel of communication with everyone in the supply chain, guaranteeing the transparency and sustainability of processes end-to-end.

Letter to the Stakeholders [1] - Antares Vision Group

Talking about sustainability is no longer enough if there is no data support; technology is at our service, enabling greater transparency and sustainability of a product and the supply chain. Today, the demand comes directly from the consumer, who is more aware and more attentive to a sphere of values that puts sustainability at the centre, and with a growing need for information on the product’s life cycle. As a technological partner, Antares Vision Group offers an ecosystem of inspection solutions for product quality and traceability, so as to analyse in real time what happens along the supply chain, offering integrated data management as well. Today, traceability can build an intelligent sustainability path, which manages to interconnect product and supply chain. Primary data, created and collected directly “in the field”, are by nature reliable and of high quality.

The fundamental value is innovation in all its forms. Through our Innovation Center, we explore future scenarios and trends in technology, develop applied research projects and foster new talents. We also link up and support high-potential start-ups, accelerating innovation according to the criteria of Open Innovation and the circular economy. The objective is the creation of 360° value for customers and collaborators, through cooperation with universities, research centres, companies and institutional partners, for an increasingly inclusive and valuable technology.

Technological innovation is in fact our path of choice towards sustainability; today we can support companies in data collection, in every step of the supply chain and in integrated management of product, process and supply chain data, enabling sustainable paths and virtuous practices (such as waste reduction or product recalls), guaranteeing the safety, quality and authenticity of products and efficiency in the use of resources. It is essential to work together as a system and to create an ecosystem: at a government level, with a vision of the country as a whole, with a regulatory system to protect the concept of “Made in Italy”; at supply chain level, ensuring transparency and safety of products and supply chains through traceability; at a consumer level, with accessible and reliable information for an informed choice. As enablers of innovation, we are therefore able to create data, through the connection between physical and digital, transforming it into information and processing it to extract value from it.

Furthermore, Antares Vision Group, as a promoter of sustainability, is engaged in projects and initiatives in the name of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, supporting research and innovation and enhancing the cultural heritage of the area and the corporate community.

We will therefore continue to make choices of sustainable growth, both by promoting integration, searching for synergies and efficiencies within the Group, and by enhancing our innovation skills. The implementation of sustainable business practices therefore becomes not only virtuous behaviour, but also, and above all, an essential competitive opportunity for the future of the Group, with the aim of transparently describing the production processes, supply chains, impacts generated on the environment and the conditions in which people work.

This Sustainability Report represents another important step towards growing transparency and an ever greater alignment of interests between the various Stakeholders, who we see as drivers of sustainable value growth in the long term.

The Chairman

Letter to the Stakeholders [2] - Antares Vision Group