Cultural Heritage

Antares Vision Group strongly believes in the traditions, history and culture of the area in which it has its roots. According to this philosophy, Antares Vision Spa has entered into partnerships with public and private cultural bodies and associations, mainly active in the Brescia area.

According to AV Group, supporting those who value the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of their city represents an act of gratitude and gratitude towards that area where the first steps were taken and which provided their support. It is a way of taking care of one’s roots, an act of respect for what has been, and still is today, the fruit of ingenuity and testimony to dialogue and civilization. For this AV Group has decided to actively participate in the sponsorship of cultural, artistic and musical projects, also with a view to enhancing talent.

International development has led Antares Vision Group to reflect on the importance of its origins: preserving an absolutely unique artistic, historical and cultural heritage such as that of Brescia becomes a value to export. It is therefore not just a question of supporting a Made in Italy, or a Made in Brescia in this case, but of encouraging a way of creating culture that becomes a real company driver. AV Group believes that companies and entrepreneurial realities of a territory rich in history must do everything possible to enhance history and culture.

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Brescia Museums Foundation and the Alliance for Culture

The partnership with the Brescia Museums Foundation was born in 2015, with the active participation in the restoration of the Vittoria Alata (Winged Victory), a large Roman bronze of the 1st century AD. The possibility of an active sponsorship was experimented for the first time with the restoration of the Vittoria Alata, and the contribution also materialized in providing part of the instrumentation to support the diagnostic investigation.

The activities continued with the support of “CidneOn”, the international festival of lights, and of the cinema in the Castle in the two-year period 2018-2019. The relationship was consolidated in 2020 by joining the three-year “Alleanza Cultura” project, with the awareness that the health emergency caused by the pandemic required even more commitment. Thanks to this new pact between the public and private sector, Antares Vision Group has become, with the other members, a driving factor in the reopening of Brescia, since the commitment is not only to support the projects, but to take ownership and promote them as if Antares Vision Group were itself among the organisers.

Rinascimento Culturale (Cultural Renaissance Non-Profit Association)

Antares Vision Group welcomes and supports Rinascimento Culturale, an association that brings together people who share a great love for the artistic and cultural heritage, a passion for the area in which they live, and the will to change, renew and grow. Its mission is to create an ethical network based on dialogue, collaboration, and the involvement of institutions, universities, schools, other associations and all those who intend to make a contribution to relaunch the territory, to promote culture, to create opportunities for meeting and sharing, to encourage training, and to promote the dissemination of the arts. Rinascimento Culturale organises the Cultural Festival every year, created to spread new ideas, perspectives and visions, inviting illustrious guests to tackle broad themes: mathematics, physics, genetics, philosophy and theology, sociology, art and literature, environment, nutrition and medicine. The last evening of the 2021 festival saw the CEO of Antares Vision among the speakers for an event celebrating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Adriano Olivetti, where a series of entrepreneurs and intellectuals discussed his legacy.

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Mille Miglia

The Antares Vision group was for two consecutive years the technological partner of the Mille Miglia, the famous regularity rally dedicated to historic cars. In the two years of the pandemic, when prevention and protection of people’s health were among the requirements for holding events, Antares Vision made the innovative “Track My Health” system available, which thanks to implementation of all the technologies of Antares’ expertise (vision, traceability and intelligent data management) guaranteed the safety of all citizens attending the events.

Track my Health has also been recognized as an innovative solution by the prestigious award “L’impresa oltre l’Impresa” promoted by the Lombardy Region and Il Sole 24 ore. The award was given to 20 models of excellence of Lombardy companies which distinguished themselves during the Covid-19 crisis with innovative strategies to face the crisis while supporting their employees, customers, suppliers and the region, to activate an exemplary mechanism for the promotion of replicable best practices.