Social Support

Ucraina Emergency

Following the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Antares Vision S.p.A set up an emergency support fund to which the directors donated their bonuses.

75% of the total was donated to a series of associations that work in support of the territories that have welcomed refugees. After a careful analysis of the possible beneficiaries, projects aimed at helping refugees in the short and long term were selected, with the distribution of basic necessities, reception places, but above all with inclusive actions such as the creation of basic Italian courses and for inclusion in society. possibly in the employment context.

Associations supported:

UCID Brescia Bassa Bresciana with Dominato Leonense Foundation – creation of a course aimed at providing the basics of the Italian language

Foundation of the Community of Brescia – Fondo Brescia Helps Ukraine for cultural mediation, job placement and accompaniment of minors

Parish of San Polo (BS) – collection of basic necessities

Nadyla Association – the “Environment & Inclusion” project was born through Unicef Brescia to encourage the inclusion of minors with disabilities and Ukrainian minors in a state of temporary protection. The first step of this collaboration will be a day in the Cornelle wildlife park in Bergamo.

Fondazione San Giorgio – “Scouts in peace” project – the Foundation responded to the request of Ukrainian scouts to be able to carry out summer activities abroad by taking action to ensure the hospitality of 48 children plus educators, also in the province of Brescia

Unione Pedemontana Parmense and the municipality of Parma, through Munus, has selected a series of worthy associations and projects to which to allocate the amount allocated to the territory

Cosmo Sociale – mainly for medical support, educational support and summer camps for refugees (minors)

Furthermore, in collaboration with the civil protection of Torbole Casaglia (BS), basic necessities were collected (food, clothing, medicines and personal hygiene products), donated by employees to be distributed to the needy hosted in the neighboring area.

Antares Vision for women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day AV Group’s commitment takes shape, starting from 2021, with support to the “L’Intreccio” Association of Torbole Casaglia (BS) by women for women, which organizes meetings, courses, promotes group and community training activities to combat female loneliness, to help women in all stages of life (from motherhood to menopause) and in situations of violence and abuse.

In 2022, after an internal vote, support went to the Brescia-based association “Casa delle donne” and to the Parma-based “Centro antiviolenza”. Both associations deal with female victims of violence.

Furthermore, Antares Vision Spa has joined the Onco Hair project, the project that gives hair to women undergoing chemotherapy at the Breast Unit of ASST Spedali Civili and the Poliambulanza Foundation of Brescia, promoted by the Onlus Policlinico Association, Cariplo Foundation and CRLAB

Social Support [1] - Antares Vision Group
Social Support [2] - Antares Vision Group

Purple Light – World Pancreatic Cancer Day

World Pancreatic Cancer Day (WPCD) is celebrated) every year in November. This is an initiative designed to promote awareness of this disease, and to raise awareness of its prevention and treatment. Pancreatic cancer is in fact one of the most aggressive and lethal cancers in the world, whose incidence, unfortunately, is constantly increasing. For years, on the occasion of this day, Antares Vision has participated in the initiative “Let’s Shine a Light on Pancreatic Cancer”, organised by the World Pancreatic Cancer Day in collaboration with the Nastro Viola di Travagliato Association. The November day dedicated to this fight sees the facades of the Antares Vision Group offices around the world light up in purple. A “scenic contribution” to express solidarity with those who fight daily against this kind of tumour (patients, doctors and researchers) and to raise awareness among citizens about the danger of this silent killer.

In 2022, inspired and in support of the cause, colleagues from Antares Vision Group India raised a fund donated to the “India Cancer Association”.


The partnership in the name of solidarity that has linked Antares Vision, the Municipality of Ponte di Legno and UNICEF Brescia since 2017 continues unabated. At the company headquarters in Travagliato, a fir tree from Ponte di Legno was lit up until 2020 in support of theUnited Nations Children’s Fund. The initiative, part of the “Pontedilegno-Tonale for Unicef” project, also included a donation from Antares Vision to help the children of Madagascar, where maternal and child malnutrition and drought are among the most serious and urgent problems. Furthermore, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of World Children’s Day (20 November 2019), the national and international offices of Antares Vision were illuminated in blue, demonstrating the Company’s commitment on this front. This is an opportunity to underline the importance of this day and to reaffirm the centrality of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the United Nations Global Agenda for Sustainable Development to 2030. Antares Vision has been a corporate Friend of Unicef since 2021.

Social Support [3] - Antares Vision Group
Social Support [4] - Antares Vision Group


For years, the events of AISM – Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association have been hosted outside the Antares Vision S.p.A. offices (and since 2021 also in Sorbolo and Aprilia) when volunteers sell certain products (gardenias and apples); the funds raised are then used to enhance services for people with multiple sclerosis and to support scientific research on the disease.

Other initiatives to support the territory with donations, addressed to specific projects

“Il vomere”, an association in Travagliato for children with disabilities

“Munus Foundation” for the oncological centre of the Santa Maria Maggiore hospital in Parma
Municipality of Monticello Conte Otto – participation in the purchase of a new vehicle for the transport of the disabled
Municipality of Sorbolo Mezzani support for the “Ingorda” cycling – food and wine event”
Festival Pour Parler, festival dedicated to literature and the arts
AGESCI Brescia 11, a Brescia Scout Organization
ABE – Hemopathic Child Association
Dharma Children, Casa Roland – Distribution of Easter and Christmas parcels