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VRI VI for BFS Cards

The Antares Vision Group VRI VI for BFS Cards is the disruptive Automatic Inspection Machine designed and produced to target the highest quality standards through an advanced Automatic Visual Inspection guaranteeing 100% of BFS Cards inspection.

Leading-edge technologies and proven design to ensure accurate cosmetic and particles detection guaranteeing 100% of product inspection quality.

How to Guarantee 100% of BFS Cards Quality Inspection?

Antares Vision Group Visual Inspection solutions for BFS cards perform:

  • Cosmetic inspection
  • Particles Detection Reflecting & Non-Reflecting
  • Fill Level Check (Short Wave Infra-Red Optional)
  • Tab OCR/OCV verification (Optional)

BFS containers are among the most important packaging for pharmaceuticals; the inspection of Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) containers presents challenges because of the specific characteristics of this packaging type. International regulatory standards require that every container produced must be inspected.

To meet these challenges and requirements, Antares Vision provides Visual Inspection, CCIT and combined VI & CCIT machines, originally designed for BFS products from small to large volume parenterals.



  • The machine is composed of a single carousel equipped with cameras
  • Modular and Flexible design
  • Speed up to 120 pcs/min