Supply Chain Transparency

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Complete supply chain visibility for the Life Science Industry

Traceability. Compliance. Interoperability. Safety. Anti-counterfeiting.

Our end-to-end digital supply chain visibility solutions help ensure you comply with regulations and remain connected with your partners everywhere you do business. We offer a validated, preconfigured system that supports serialization and traceability requirements, accesses global reporting systems, and combats counterfeits, diversion, and theft. Our full-stack L1-L5 solutions also enable confidence in brand protection and patient engagement.


  • Flexible features to meet specific needs of manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, and logistics providers
  • Supports all global serialization requirements
    Simplifies compliance by centralizing all information for easy accessibility and manageability.
  • Extensive data quality checks to ensure high-quality data IN/OUT
  • 20+ years of experience in serialization, traceability, compliance solutions for the pharma industry
  • Complex implementations around the world, in major markets
  • Designated team for system migration and implementation and 24/7 technical and consulting support
  • Cloud-based, single-tenant environment gives customer full control of their system and updates
  • L4 solutions implemented for a fixed fee, with no hidden costs
  • As part of AV Group, offers L1-L5 solutions