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Inside Can and Converted Ends Inspection – CYCLOPS

The in-line inspection machine checks the quality of metal containers, performing an inspection of the inside can and converted end. It detects creases, puckers, wrinkles, neck pleats dents, coating voids, flange defects, grease and oil stains, and metal whiskers.

With Cyclops® , you no longer need to run multiple cameras on a single processor. Each camera is self-contained with its own processor and housing, making multi-lane installations more affordable, easier to install and simpler to maintain. By combining lighting and processing into a single enclosure, the proven technology of Applied Vision can now be brought to you more efficiently and effectively.

Applied Vision technology has combined its state of the art lighting and processing into a single enclosure. This proven technology now makes multi-lane installations faster and more affordable.

CyclopsTM comes standard with motorized height adjustment to preprogram various container heights to run on the same line.

  • Network access
  • Flexible optical configuration to accommodate product heights from 0.1” to 8”
  • Integrated eight channel solid-state lighting
  • Exclusive DoubleTake technology (optional)
  • Digital Gig-E camera technology
  • Creases, puckers, wrinkles, neck pleats
  • Die/draw marks, scratches, dents, coating voids
  • Narrow flange, flange defects, flange measurement
  • Grease and oil stains, foreign objects, metal whiskers