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Inside Can, Body, Neck, Flange and MLI – GENIUS

The In-line inspection system ensures the quality of beverage cans, performing a complete inspection of the container: inside can, body, neck, and flange. It can also inspect converted ends, coating voids, wrinkles, creases, puckers, scratches and dents, in addition to mixed label inspection.

Genius® Vision Systems have set the industry standards for capability and ease of use. Genius is the worldwide choice for metal container, ends and package configuration inspections. These systems perform 100% inspections with extreme accuracy on high-speed lines, automatically identifying and rejecting defects.

Using high-resolution digital cameras, proprietary optics and advanced algorithms, Genius delivers outstanding inspection results. 

  • Imaging speeds of up to 3,000/ppm 2
  • Real-time decoration display
  • Remote-mounted flat-panel touch screen user interface
  • Sealed low-maintenance enclosure
  • Remote diagnostic monitoring and control
  • Ease of use: intuitive, simple technology and easy-to-understand graphics
  • Weld seams, wrinkles, creases, puckers, scratches
  • Dents, cut edge, flange, grease & oil
  • Metal whiskers as well as powder stripes
  • Die/draw marks and foreign objects