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Sealing Surface Inspection – CYCLOPS

Combining lighting and processing into a single enclosure, Cyclops® is a self-contained compact approach to sealing surface inspection. Developed using the same imaging technology as Volcano SSB, its small footprint makes deployment to problematic areas a breeze. Easy to install and simple to maintain, the proven technology of Applied Vision can now be brought to you more efficiently and effectively.
CyclopsTM comes standard with motorized height adjustment to preprogram various container heights to run on the same line.

  •  Network access
  • Flexible optical configuration to accommodate various products
  • High resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Exclusive DoubleTake technology (optional)
  • Artificial Vision defect classification (optional)
  • High resolution camera + multispectral illumination
  • Optimized for wire edge detection
  • Over press
  • Unfilled finish
  • Chip finish