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Slat View

The Antares Vision Slat View is designed to ensure the highest integrity slat fill counts along with easy integration to all slat filler brands. The AV Slat View’s simple to use GUI and integrated dust mitigation system support a wide range of tablets and capsules.


  • Recipe controlled (virtually infinite recipe space)
  • Capable of generating batch reports and Audit Trail reports (21CFR/11 compliant)
  • Designed to work with 20″ slats
  • Works with capsules & tablets, coated and uncoated, single color or dual color (only for capsules)
  • Control cabinet with integrated color touchscreen
  • Detection of empty alveoli / pockets
  • Detection of major color differences
  • Continuous airstream to keep cameras dust free
  • Electric lift mechanism
  • Integration with existing slat filler


  •  Advanced color detection algorithm – works on any color slat
  • Configurable alarm when foreign objects detected (no line stoppage required)
  • Complete validation package, with high accuracy and low false reject rate

Color Verification

Slat View [1] - Antares Vision Group
Slat View [2] - Antares Vision Group

Absence Detection

Product Inspector

Slat View [3] - Antares Vision Group