13 Jul 2023

ALL-IN-ONE: all technologies for inspection and food quality control in a single machine

Food Quality Control. ALL-IN-ONE is aimed to combine multiple inspection controls with a single machine to meet different quality requirements

ALL-IN-ONE is aimed to combine multiple inspection controls with a single machine to meet different quality requirements

ALL-IN-ONE is the evocative name for a new machine from Antares Vision Group that creates a new paradigm in inspections and food quality control of products and packaging.

How does the ALL-IN-ONE machine work?

It begins with analysing a product's or packaging's specific criticalities to identify elements that could cause a non-conformity during production, helping brands avoid recalls, returns, and consequent economic damage.

For example, for a fresh product packaged in a tray, the producer can inspect for micro-holes inline (to guarantee shelf life and organoleptic characteristics), check for the presence of foreign bodies, and check the weight. They can also combine these kinds of inspections with those relating to the seal of the label and verification of mandatory elements on the label.

The result is that producers can configure an ALL-IN-ONE machine to meet all inspection needs. ALL-IN-ONE integrates the technologies necessary to verify product conformity to ensure food quality and safety.

The ALL-IN-ONE solution supports all essential inspections, as well as innovative applications:

  • Check in-line for the presence of micro-holes in packaging: This innovative in-line system to detect micro-holes can be applied to trays and flow packs without changing line speed or the composition of the gas used to preserve the product. Based on IR spectroscopy or gas sensors, it selectively, quickly, and accurately detects the presence of target molecules that leak from the package, indicating the presence of a microhole. CO2 can be used as target molecules for all products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), alcohol for the bread and bakery sector, and flavourings for other products.
  • Check for the presence of foreign bodies using X-rays: Fragments of glass, bone, metal, plastic or stones, which accidentally end up in the product during the production process or result from raw materials, are detected through the application of X-rays.
  • Check the weight of the product.
  • Check for the presence of food in the seal in transparent packaging, coloured and opaque packaging using hyperspectral technology.
  • Check labels and codes to avoid product recalls: This prevents placing products on the market that have incorrect labels, including codes (expiry date, lot code, etc.) and other information. 

Other advantages of our ALL-IN-ONE solutions include:

  • reduced overall dimensions,
  • a single user interface allowing operators to check what happens for a single inspection,
  • differentiated waste
  • and automatic recipe setting.

The ALL-IN-ONE, like all Antares Vision Group inspection machines, is part of our DIAMIND Line suite. DIAMIND is the most intelligent and integrated ecosystem of solutions that runs at the line, plant, warehouse, company, and supply chain levels, enabling a data-driven, tailored journey to digital innovation.

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