15 Jun 2023


Discover the first robotic automated dispensing cart for administering medicines and managing medical devices

The first automated dispensing system for administering medicines and managing medical devices supports the operator in patient care.

To help mark International Nurses Day, celebrated around the world every May 12 and facilitated by the International Council of Nurses to commemorate the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, Antares Vision Group presented the 5.0 Automated Cart, an automated dispensing system for the management of medicines and medical devices, designed to improve the well-being of nurses and healthcare professionals during patient care administration and treatment operations.

The 5.0 Automated Cart: how does it work and benefits

The 5.0 Automated Cart is part of the Medication Management Platform (MMP), which also contains an automated dispensing cabinet for cart replenishment and the latest generation software that manages the traceability, planning, and monitoring of stocks and orders, integrates with electronic health records and optimizes the visibility of efficiency parameters.

The MMP was designed with the aim of guaranteeing sustainability and ergonomics to healthcare staff:

  • Physical, relieving them from the labour associated with traditional carts;
  • Cognitive, relieving them from low-value-added activities to allow them to focus on patient care;
  • Organizational, with greater safety in administering the right drug, with the right dose, to the right patient, at the right time.

The automated medical cart, in addition to automatically reloading the medicines and devices necessary for treatment once the patient has been identified, supplies the medicines directly to the worktop, making the entire process efficient, safe, and traceable.

The automated medical cart is also equipped with a servo-assisted movement system that makes it easier to move and manoeuvre and simplifies administration and treatment operations.

The 5.0 Automated Cart can also be integrated with traditional medical cabinets found in healthcare facilities and can be adapted to space and capacity requirements.

About the 5.0 Automated Cart project:

A trial phase conducted with the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan achieved excellent results on efficacy and benefits to nurses and patients, and the cart was featured at the March 22-24 EAHP Congress (European Association of Hospital Pharmacists) in Lisbon, Portugal and at the 48th ANMDO Congress (Associazione Nazionale Medici delle Direzioni Ospedaliere) in Naples, Italy (17 to 19 May).

At that event, Antares Vision Group — a technological partner in digitalization and a leader in traceability, quality inspection, and integrated data management — collaborated with L.I.G.H.T. Scarl (Lifescience Innovation Good Healthcare Technology), a project it partners on with the University of Brescia and Dompé Farmaceutici, to confirm the high value of innovation by qualifying the role of health professionals as a reference in patient care.

The new automated dispensing cabinet 5.0 Automated Cart was developed by the Antares Vision Group Digital Healthcare Department in collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Technology in Health & Wellbeing of the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.

The trial phase demonstrated how the automated system was an improvement over traditional systems in all objective metrics”, says Adriano Fusco, Digital Healthcare Department Director of Antares Vision Group, “with a particularly high significant improvement in safety and efficiency, thanks to the strong reduction of low-value activities, to allow healthcare personnel to concentrate on what really matters: patient care”.

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