03 Apr 2023



Through its unique and integrated ecosystem of technologies, the Group is an enabler of supply chain transparency and sustainable transition

Antares Vision Group announces that the 2022 Sustainability Report (Consolidated Non-Financial Report pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016) has been published.

“We are pleased to present Antares Vision Group’s second edition of the Sustainability Report, the document that summarises the activities, impacts, as well as the Group’s results vis-à-vis its stakeholders. A report that is integral to what is for all intents and purposes, an increasingly concrete and strategic path towards sustainability, which seeks to fully integrate ESG issues into every aspect of the Group’s business. Our vision has always been consistent with the objective of making our contribution to the sustainable development of the Company, which responds to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own. Implementing sustainable business practices therefore becomes an essential competitive opportunity for the future of the Group”, stated Emidio Zorzella, Co-CEO of Antares Vision Group.

ESG factors represent the structural drivers of the Group’s business model; thanks to its innovative solutions, it is able to generate a positive impact in the quantification, management and minimisation of the carbon footprint of each product unit. Through its unique and integrated ecosystem of technologies, Antares Vision Group presents itself as a real enabler of supply chain transparency and sustainable transition, to encourage the implementation of a circular economy. This is why, as a technological partner, the Group is able to guarantee the safety and health of people, products, businesses and supply chains, by integrating sustainability principles with a vision focused on the informed and efficient use of resources.

Furthermore, Antares Vision Group, as a promoter of sustainability, is engaged in projects and initiatives in the name of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, supporting research and innovation and enhancing the artistic heritage of the local area and its corporate community. Also, for this reason, last October the Group was one of the signatories of the Brescia 2050 Sustainability Pact, which brought together many entrepreneurs from Brescia who, through their work, their will and the concreteness of their dreams, have made this area one of the most prosperous and advanced in the whole country, giving shape to a civil society that is committed, critical and always oriented towards progress.

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