15 Sep 2022



With this acquisition Antares Vision Group strengthens its positioning in Food & Beverage quality control

Antares Vision Group, an Italian multinational, leading provider in Track & Trace systems and quality control, which guarantees the transparency of products and supply chains through integrated data management, acquired 100% of Packital Srl and of Ingg. Vescovini Srl through its subsidiary company FT System.


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Since 1989, Packital, based in Fidenza (PR), has been developing, designing, producing, and distributing inspection and quality control systems such as checkweighers, metal detectors, x-rays, and weight sorters, specializing in wet and challenging environments, also in the presence of corrosive products.

In addition, Packtal is certified as an Inspection Body for checkweighers.

Founded in 1984, Ingg. Vescovini Srl, based in Parma, develops, designs, and produces analog and digital electronic boards, fundamental components for checkweighers, weight dosing systems, inspection systems in the beverage sector, electromedical machines, and control systems in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

We are continuing along the path towards the technological growth and expansion of our portfolio, in keeping with our mission to guarantee the quality and safety, efficiency and sustainability of products and supply chains,” Emidio Zorzella, Chairman and Joint-CEO of Antares Vision Group.  

With Packital and Ingg. Vescovini, we will further strengthen our presence in the Food & Beverage sector by extending our portfolio of inspection and quality control solutions that are complementary to current ones. In this way, we can strengthen our facility with qualified personnel who specialize in inspection technologies, increasing our technical and production capacity, as well as our market presence”, stated FABIO Forestelli, CEO of FT System S.r.l., Board Member of Antares Vision Group.  

After 30 years of experience, passion, and expertise in Food & Beverage inspection solutions, we have chosen Antares Vision Group to continue to increase the market value we have already created, thanks to shared values and objectives,” confirmed Giacomo Vacca, CEO of Packital

The 60 years of experience in our industry are a fundamental value, which looks to the past, but enables us to see the future” We are grateful to all of our staff for the contribution they have made thus far, and we are sure that joining Antares Vision Group is an important opportunity for us to continue to innovate,” said Paolo Vescovini, CEO of Ingg. Vescovini

The acquisitions of Packital and Vescovini represent an important strategic opportunity for Antares Vision Group, insofar as they maintain and strengthen its positioning in the Food & Beverage sector, which started out in 2021 with the acquisitions of Pentec and Tecnel, through the subsidiary company FT System. More specifically, they will allow it to:

  • Consolidate its market positioning thanks to:

– a portfolio of quality control and inspection systems that are unique and unparalleled in the market in terms of variety and extent of the range;

– the completion of the current range with quality control solutions in difficult environments (dusty, wet, corrosive);

– expand the range of services provided, also for the periodic certification of weighing instruments.

  • Increase its market share in the Food & Beverage sector, thanks to:

– An active customer base (around 400), the majority of which are new to the Group.

– Technological coverage in terms of fundamental components such as electronic boards.

  • Strengthen its technological know-how
  • in inspection and quality control, thanks to a highly qualified team for software design and programming, with expertise accrued over the years;
  • In electronic boards, by maintaining the know-how (schematics and source files), which Vescovini has developed for FT System over the years; increasing current developments with a design, production, and assistance team in the food sector; offering customized solutions, able to promote customer loyalty and consolidate customer relations; maintaining technological leadership able to lead innovation and development in this specific field
  • Increase production capacity
  • thanks to quality controls and inspections that will increase – for some types – the existing base