21 Jun 2022



The partnership between Antares Vision Group and Edgyn (formerly Arjo Solutions) aims to lead digital product authentication and brand protection in the pharmaceutical industry

Emidio Zorzella, Antares Vision Group Chairman and Co-CEO confirms: “As partners, EDGYN and Antares Vision Group will deliver the best-in-class state of the art solution, securing the pharmaceutical supply chain, combating counterfeits and safeguarding people.”


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Antares Vision Group and Edgyn, a leading brand protection expert provider that created the patented ADFIRMIA™ digital fingerprinting technology, announced a strategic partnership to deliver the most advanced brand protection and product authentication suite with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

The partnership combines the two companies’ innovative authentication and traceability technologies.

Edgyn’s ADFIRMIA™ digital fingerprinting solution, which has been applied to more than 1.7 billion products since 2014, creates a unique digital fingerprint for every package, an invisible and undetectable signature based on a product’s physical characteristics.
Antares Vision Group brings expertise in connecting physical products to digital infrastructures across the entire supply chain, from production and packaging lines to partner networks, with an ecosystem of solutions for product digitalization, serialization, supply chain transparency and consumer trust.

Antares Vision Group will integrate Edgyn’s ADFIRMIA™ solution within its line, cloud, and mobile applications, providing current and new customers with the most advanced authentication technology on the market and its existing traceability software.

Aurélien Tignol, EDGYN CEO, said: “The partnership comes at a pivotal time for the pharmaceutical industry; companies realized that solutions for serialization and traceability can be further empowered with authentication solutions to address the issues of counterfeiting and falsified products. Antares Vision Group, with its incredible market coverage and impeccable reputation, is the right partner to help us accelerate the deployment of our solution and provide to the pharmaceutical industry, on a global scale, the most secure, connected, and nonintrusive product identification and brand protection solution on the market.”

Aurélien Tignol noted that the partnership would also create new opportunities leveraging consumer engagement and patient reassurance, like encouraging people to report suspect products using an app on their smartphones. “Our ADFIRMIA™ solution and Antares Vision Group’s software capabilities will empower end-users to get involved in fighting counterfeits” he said. This partnership will take crowdsourcing to a new level — people can actually participate in making the supply chain more secure. It will also add value to pharmaceutical organizations’ logistics and brand protection initiatives.”

Emidio Zorzella, Antares Vision Group Chairman and Co-CEO, confirms: “Our commitment to guaranteeing safety for people, products, and brands is the driving force of this partnership. Our companies are fully engaged to protect end-users, through the most innovative product authentication technology, enabling an end-to-end supply chain transparency. As partners, EDGYN and Antares Vision Group will deliver the best-in-class state of the art solution, securing the pharmaceutical supply chain, combating counterfeits and safeguarding people.”