14 Mar 2023



The new website performs the power of the Group: the result is greater than the sum of its parts

Antares Vision Group, a technological partner of excellence in digitalization and innovation for companies and institutions with a complete ecosystem of technologies to guarantee product quality (inspection systems and machines) and product traceability along the supply chain (from raw materials to production, from distribution to the consumer) through integrated data management, is officially live with the new website: www.antaresvisiongroup.com

The new website is the result of the new positioning of Antares Vision Group, coming from the best of breeds of competencies, experiences, and talents and integrating an ecosystem of technologies and solutions that guarantees the quality, safety, sustainability, and efficiency of products and supply chains.

What is new?

NEW LOOK: it updates the look & feel to mirror the new brand identity of Antares Vision Group, coming from an inclusive roadmap of harmonization consistent with the Company vision.

EASIER NAVIGATION: the structure is highly intuitive, proceeding by levels and approaching by business areas: homepage for news, company blog, event calendar, and drive to Business Areas – Life Science, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, and Rigid Containers. The user experience is simplified by the hashtags to reach the topics in a few clicks.

The integrated ecosystem of solutions targets each business area and can be easily reached by visiting track and trace, inspection for quality control, digital factory, and supply chain transparency sections. Users can easily find every product, machine, or solution using filters.

EFFECTIVE INTERACTION: the dialogue is open, aimed at engaging the user that can easily reach the contact form and ask for further information.

CONTENT IS THE KING: the goal is to strengthen knowledge with the latest case studies, webinars, and white papers for each Business Area and keep the focus strong on innovation and ongoing development.

We officially invite you to live the experience on a never-ending journey. More upgrades are to come in the next months. Stay connected!