28 Nov 2022

Traceability solutions

Traceability solutions [1] - Antares Vision Group

Tracing wine along the wine production chain is a real way for creating added value, allowing the consumer to be certain of the originality of the bottle and the producer to protect its brand and avoid economic damage due to illegal activities. Antares Vision Group Beverage, provides solutions that include the application of a unique code on the product to create a digital twin that makes it possible to monitor the product, trace the origin of the materials, their use and the destination of the products (internal traceability) and protect the end consumer. This enables the company to prevent counterfeiting of wine bottles, identify parallel markets and comply with traceability regulations for each bottle in the case of exports to non-EU markets, such as Russia. The traceability solution offered by Antares Vision Group Beverage, is complete, from the printing, reading and control of the unique code, to the software platform for managing serialisation, aggregation and monitoring data. And the QR-code or NFC TAG, placed on the label, completes the traceability of the supply chain, allowing the consumer to verify from a digital device the information on quality, authenticity, cultivation process, production, processing and distribution of the wine. A unique solution with a double advantage: on the one hand, creating a bond of trust and transparency with the end consumer and, on the other hand, having a fundamental tool for process control, flow rationalisation, logistics improvement, quality management and cost reduction.