12 Jul 2023


Antares Vision Group will host the Parenteral Drug Association Event PDA Italy Chapter, the 28&29 September 2023

The PDA Italy Chapter event, organized by the Parenteral Drug Association in collaboration with Antares Vision Group, will be held on 28 and 29 September in Travagliato at its headquarters and will be dedicated to the impact of new regulations, automated systems and best practices learnt by real cases

Visual inspection of parenteral products is crucial in parenteral manufacturing, as all units must be checked to ensure their quality. A trained inspector can perform this with the human eye under controlled conditions or via automation using advanced cameras and computer technology.

The advent of Automated Visual Inspection Machines

Since visual inspection is a vital function of any manufacturing process, keeping current with technological advancements and global regulations is necessary to meet escalating production demands.
As more standards were developed around what constituted ‘good’ or ‘bad’ inspection, attempts were made to fine-tune or supplement the human eye’s limitations via technologically sophisticated tools like statistical analysis to meet modern production needs.

These capabilities were further advanced by the advent of automated visual inspection (AVI) machines. This technology allowed a company to perform inspections faster and with results that could be validated, substantiated, and reproduced. As with any new paradigm, vendors have continued to push the frontiers of technology in response to pharma manufacturers' various (and increasingly discerning) requirements. Today the AVI field is witnessing cutting-edge advances in processing time, AI, and deep learning.

PDA Italy Chapter Event:

The event organized by PDA Italy fits into this scenario: during the two days, in fact, new developments and expectations in the field of visual inspection, which is always fundamental for the production and supply of high-quality injectable medicines, will be discussed. Starting from the regulatory scenario, which continues to evolve rapidly with new or revised guidance, the new requirements and the implementation of visual inspection within pharmaceutical manufacturing will be examined.

  • Special attention will be given to difficult-to-inspect parenteral (DIP) products, such as lyophilized products, and to the role of Container Closure Integrity Testing.
  • Technological advancements will also be discussed, like using the aforementioned AI in image analysis and predictive maintenance.
  • The agenda will include a guided tour at the Antares Vision Group plant, which hosts the event, dedicated to inspection machines with the opportunity to visit the test laboratory and the production area.

The needs imposed by the market are many, sometimes highly specific. The challenge of inspecting parenteral pharmaceuticals, therefore, requires a comprehensive approach.

In this sense, the ecosystem of inspection technologies of Antares Vision Group offers optimized and integrated cross-technology solutions that always allow to guarantee the quality and safety of the products.

The range of automatic inspection machines by Antares Vision Group, exploiting new-generation vision technologies that allow testing any kind of container and product content, from any angle, during different phases of the production process, is designed to ensure 100% of product quality inspection.

The PDA Italy Chapter will be the opportunity to discuss the latest advancements in the industry and how to meet regulatory requirements.

Find the agenda and more information to register for the event here.

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