At the two-day event dedicated to companies, institutions, and the world of research, future trends and innovations in various fields of application will be presented, from food safety and quality monitoring to biomedical

Travagliato (Brescia), 17 April 2024 – On 17 and 18 April, Lake Iseo will host the 2024 edition of the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference, an international conference dedicated to the latest developments and trends in photonics and computer vision, organised this year in collaboration with Antares Vision Group, a leading Italian multinational in traceability and quality control, which guarantees the transparency of products and supply chains through integrated data management.

High-speed imaging solutions such as those acquired with 10GigE cameras, intelligent 3D sensors and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and quality in complex applications will be presented at the conference, among others.

The use of artificial intelligence allows the user to autonomously and easily create visual inspection models within minutes and without having to resort to traditional visual inspection techniques. The models can be trained (so-called Deep Learning), reducing configuration effort and enabling a highly replicable approach characterised by a short time-to-value.

Strongly supported in Italy by Antares Vision Group, the conference will be an opportunity to meet international industry experts, learn about current and future developments in photonics and machine vision, supporting technological and sustainable innovation for businesses and consumers. Antares Vision Group will offer participants an exclusive company tour, including a visit to laboratories, production facilities and an in-depth look at innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical sector.

“Antares Vision Group has innovation as one of its founding values. It was born precisely by exploring pioneering technologies when computer vision was an experiment that combined devices, programmes and processes that were unheard of at the time,’ observes Alberto Albertini, Innovation Centre Director of Antares Vision Group. ‘That is why it is honoured to have propitiated one of the most important international conferences on the very topical issues of machine vision today, because every sector needs to guarantee monitoring, control, quality inspection and data analysis. The occasion will also be propitious because our Group will be able to illustrate to the international audience of participants new developments in the various sectors Life Science, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and much more”.

Over the two days of the event, divided into 6 sessions, 31 speakers from industry companies will take turns on stage to present key innovations and applications. Francesco Brazzarola, Technologies & Systems Director of the Innovation Center at Antares Vision Group will talk about how the application of artificial intelligence to visual inspection can optimise the entire production process in a talk entitled Visual Inspection across technologies and industries.

Carsten Strampe, General Manager of Imago Technologies, part of Antares Vision Group, will illustrate the possibilities of high-speed vision in a speech called Mastering the Millisecond: High-Speed Vision Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency & Quality.

Since 2008, SpectroNet has been committed to promoting collaboration in the field of photonics and computer vision, which are capable of achieving significant impact in many sectors such as food safety and quality control, agricultural applications or monitoring digital microscopy activity for biomedical applications.

For further information: https://www.spectronet.de/scc2024-italy