28 Sep 2021


Regulatory compliance, efficiency, customized track & trace solution, aimed at preserving the bottle’s aesthetics and design.

Travagliato (Brescia), 28 September 2021, Antares Vision Group has supplied BAIKALSEA Co, one of Russia’s largest mineral water producers, with a track & trace solution in compliance with the regulatory requirements of CHESTNY ZNAK, Russia’s national digital track and trace hub managed by CRPT, the exclusive operator of the system. Furthermore, the design and aesthetics of the water bottle, distinguishing aspects of flagship products, remain intact.

The experience gained with BAIKALSEA Co has accredited Antares Vision Group as a technological partner capable of meeting regulatory compliance for traceability in the beverage sector and, at the same time, providing customized solutions for customer’s needs.

The track & trace solution was developed and integrated by FT System – an Antares Vision Group company specialized in solutions for the food and beverage industry – for the BAIKAL 430 water line, BAIKALSEA’s Co flagship product.

“We are proud of our track & trace solution that preserves the aesthetics and design of the product – said Pavel Bulgakov, General Director of Antares Vision RUS. For BAIKALSEA Co, we have developed a customized solution: the main datamatrix code from the side label is matched with auxiliary code printed on the cap of the bottle with special UV ink, invisible to the naked eye, and visible only with ultraviolet (UV) light. The auxiliary code on the cap associated with the main datamatrix on the side of the bottle is mandatory for aggregation purposes, enabling the packaged serialized product to be traced throughout the entire supply chain. A real achievement considering the fully retained aesthetics of the product and 10 time less operational expences per each bottle compared to the popular alternative, which is application of a sticker with datamartix on the cap of each bottle. The rejection rate achieved is also a reference now for the market – we achieved “unprecedented” low level of rejections”.

Antares Vision Group rapidly provided the technological solution and was highly efficient in meeting all of the company’s requirements.

BAIKALSEA Co participated in a pilot project organised by the Russian Government. This phase started on 1 September 2021 with the registration of the participants in the CHESTNY ZNAK system. From 1 December 2021, mineral water traceability will become mandatory and from 1 March 2022 it will be required for all types of drinking water. BAIKALSEA Co is the first company to have successfully completed the serialization process, thanks to the Antares Vision Group technological support.

“Due to our participation in the experimental stage of bottled water serialization and the active interaction with the technology provider – Maxim Surnin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BAIKALSEA Co commented – our company has been able to implement the application of the unique serial number in the shortest time possible and select companies able to integrate the traceability system in our production lines. Today, around 2 months before the regulatory compliance deadline, we have already completed the preparatory work and we are ready to make products with serial numbers printed in compliance with “CHESTNY ZNAK” requirements three (3) months before the regulatory compliance. By printing unique serial numbers, the track and trace system will guarantee consumer health and safety, as well as protecting companies from counterfeiting and from manufacturers who operate in violation of regulations.