The opening of the new site confirms the projects dedicated to the Ticino Canton, launched in May 2022 when the Group joined the Lifestyle – Tech Competence Center of Lugano (LTCC)

Lugano (Switzerland), 10 October 2022 – Antares Vision Group, a technological partner of excellence in digitalization and innovation for companies and institutions with a complete ecosystem of technologies to guarantee product quality (inspection systems and machines) and product traceability along the supply chain (from raw materials to production, from distribution to the consumer) through integrated data management, confirms the establishment of a new Antares Vision SAGL site in Lugano (Ticino Canton). Moreover, a co-working space will be created in Dagorà – Lifestyle Innovation Hub, with the search for new talent in the local area.

The Ticino Canton growth project is in line with the research and technological innovation path launched in May 2022, when Antares Vision Group joined the Lifestyle – Tech Competence Center di Lugano (LTCC), part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, as an associate and partner of excellence in the digitalisation of products and supply chains.

The development of the first feasibility study aimed to apply for funding froms Innosuisse, the Swiss Agency for the promotion of innovation, conducted in collaboration with the Professional University School of Italian Switzerland (SUPSI) – that envisages the creation of an end-to-end traceability platform dedicated to the Fashion sector that can collect, manage, and process data of the entire supply chain, from the origin (raw materials) to the end consumer, to guarantee sustainability and efficiency, continues.

The project in Ticino Canton is part of a wider vision that aims to consolidate and strengthen our position as enablers of a digital transformation to guarantee the quality and safety, sustainability and efficiency of products and supply chains, through an integrated technology system”, states Micaela Orizio, Marketing Communications Director of Antares Vision Group.

Carlo Terreni, President of the Lifestyle-Tech Competence Center, and partner of Loomish M&A Advisory declares: “We are happy to accompany this additional growth phase of Antares Vision Group in Ticino Canton. Together we will be able to work for the growth of the Group’s investments in Switzerland in terms of: market diversification, talent attraction, and the development of strategic partnerships.”

In this phase we will invest in the creation of a digital end-to-end traceability platform in the Fashion sector in collaboration with SUPSI, expanding our experience and technological skills in the Life Sciences to other sectors, including Fashion”, comments Attilio Bellman, SDI Smart Digital Innovation Director of Antares Vision Group.

“The collaboration with local companies characterizes SUPSI’s applied research, development and knowledge transfer activities. Within the Lifestyle Tech Competence Center platform, we have recently started discussions on potential research projects developed with Antares Vision, focused on the exploitation of innovative traceability solutions to improve process and product sustainability in the fashion sector”, concludes Prof. Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of Research, Development, and Knowledge Transfer at SUPSI.

”The project – adds Ilaria Rasulo, Head of Human Resources at Antares Vision Group – also envisages the official launch of personnel selection activities. The aim is to hire talent specialising in the development of digital platforms”.

We are pleased that Antares Vision Group has decided to invest in Ticino” comments Stefano Rizzi, Director of the Economic Division of the Department of Finance and Economic Affairs. “This new establishment confirms the effectiveness of the Canton’s economic development strategy. The Lifestyle Tech Competence Center, which is part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino, well demonstrates that the promotion of the connections between the academic and economic excellences acts as a catalyst for the attraction of new businesses, thus creating a virtuous circle that allows strengthening the competitiveness of our territory.