A partnership between excellent technological leaders has led to the creation of an integrated platform for the digitalization of the supply chain, with a project that the Caseificio Sangiovanni has entrusted to TIM and RURALL to ensure transparency, from the field to the table

Travagliato (BS), 28 March 2023 – Supply chain digitalization, traceability of processes and information transparency are the key elements of the project that the Caseificio Sangiovanni has entrusted to TIM, with Olivetti (a company specialized in IoT operating within TIM Enterprise), Tecnoalimenti (for the analysis of supply chain processes) and RurAll, with Antares Vision Group‘s traceability technology, to accelerate the digital transition of the dairy supply chain.

The project’s objective is the digitalization of processes, as regards the breeding and transformation part, through the collection of field data (thanks to sensors and field notebook) from work environments (sensors in the barn) and from the machinery used for processing, in order to provide services to companies of the agri-food sector, useful to ensure the reliability and transparency of information towards the end consumer.

The project sees the integration of further data from the different stages, from raw materials to processing into dairy products. The integrated collection and management of all the data makes information available that can be used for process optimisation and traceability of each operation. In addition, the information can also be made available to the end consumer, to know the history of the product, ensuring greater awareness in consumption choices.

The project envisages the integration between TIM’s Easy Farm system, a solution designed for the digital management of the farms, Olivetti’s IoT sensors and RURALL’s platform, developed thanks to Antares Vision Group’s traceability technology for the complete management of supply chain data. The information collected can be stored thanks to TIM’s blockchain technologies, so they remain available over time.