It is the most advanced system in the world for the supply, dispensing, and traceability of medicines in healthcare facilities. Ergonomics, automation, efficiency, and safety with a design that revolutionizes routine in healthcare facilities

Antares Vision Group’s Automated Cart has been selected by ADI Design Index in the ‘Design for Work’ category, in which functional ergonomics for the operator is the highlight. The selection is made every year by ADI, the Association for Industrial Design, which identifies the best Italian design in terms of functionality, typology and process, as well as materials used and formal synthesis. The projects are selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory, which pays particular attention to sustainability in its evaluations.

Antares Vision Group’s Automated Cart is the work of designer Fabio Ferrante, developed by Antares Vision Group’s Digital Healthcare department in collaboration with the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele’s Research Center for Advanced Technology in Health & Wellbeing in Milan, and is the world’s most advanced system for the replenishment, dispensing and traceability of medicines and medical devices for healthcare facilities, from the central pharmacy to patient administration.

This innovative trolley has a unique ergonomics for healthcare workers: it is equipped with assisted handling, which avoids physical efforts such as constantly pushing, lowering and raising to retrieve the medication in the drawers. The cart is part of Antares Vision Group’s Medication Management Platform (MMP). Thanks to its features, the automated cart marks a new paradigm in therapy management: healthcare personnel are relieved of the more repetitive tasks – such as filling the cart or searching for drugs to be administered – allowing them to concentrate on patient care. The cart is automatically loaded within minutes and without the need for human intervention; once the patient has been identified, the therapy prescription appears on the display and the robotic system that is part of the trolley design presents the drugs directly on the work surface.

“It is a great satisfaction to have reached this milestone, not only because of what it represents, but also because only products that are selected can take part in the ADI Compasso d’Oro, a very important recognition in the national panorama,” said Adriano Fusco, Digital Healthcare Department Director of Antares Vision Group. “Our automated cart marks a new paradigm for healthcare facilities, operators and patients; it ensures the right dose of medicine to the right patient at the right time, avoiding human error”.

The design met all evaluation targets: Design for Ergonomics and Design for Automation for the robotic system, the only one of its kind in the world, which automatically dispenses drugs directly onto the worktop, Design for Efficiency as the cart automatically loads medicines and medical devices allowing operators to concentrate on patient care, and Design for Safety as it ensures the right dose of drug to the right patient at the right time and, thanks to its innovative design, allows errors in the canonical treatment process to be eliminated. Last but not least, Design for Sustainability in optimising consumption and limiting drug waste.