The meeting in Lausanne on 28th November 2023 concentrated on the potential of new technologies in luxury goods markets

Lausanne (CH), 29th November 2023“Traceability, A.I. & Blockchain for Luxury Assets” was the title of the speech delivered by Attilio Bellman, Smart Digital Innovation Director at Antares Vision Group, and Maxim Tchmil, CEO of STIMA, during the E-Luxury Summit 2023 held on 28th November at the International Institute for Management Development campus in Lausanne. The event was organized by Dagorà and promoted by the LTCC (Life Style Competence Center), a Swiss-based R&D hub which empowers innovation in lifestyle industries.

The solution presented by Antares Vision Group – a technology partner in product and supply chain digitalisation, known for its expertise in traceability and inspection – and STIMA, a fintech start-up in the luxury goods industry, facilitates the monitoring and tracking of actual high-end luxury assets and their worth throughout time. The groundbreaking platform merges traceability (ACSIS technology, part of Antares Vision Group) with Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

After analysing the requirements of owning luxury items, which include ensuring security, authenticity, real-time asset value monitoring and resale prospects, Antares Vision Group and STIMA joined forces to develop a technology-driven approach. The STIMA platform, accessible through the app STIMA.io, enables users to track end-to-end asset status ranging from raw materials and logistics to authenticity certification, storage and ownership certification. The traceability is highly advanced and assigns a digital identity to each product, meeting the requirements of trust, quality control, assurance, authenticity, risk management, and sustainability. Artificial Intelligence ensures that there is real-time access to precise information on aspects such as geographic location, state of the product, market analysis, financial value, earnings potential, and legal and tax considerations. Finally, the integration of blockchain enables individuals to derive advantages from an absolutely secure and transparent financial ledger.

The STIMA-developed mobile application serves as a custodian for luxury assets and provides its owners with real-time insights into their portfolio through real-time charts and an analysis platform for interactions and social activity. The app profiles the assets, monitors their value in real-time, ensures authentication, and initiates custody tracking in one of the vaults under STIMA’s network of international partners.

“The STIMA platform caters to markets, such as the luxury goods sector, that present complex challenges requiring a multi-technology strategy. We selected Antares Vision Group for their well-established track record in traceability, enabling them to introduce a novel method for enhancing the visibility of luxury goods throughout their supply chain journey and lifespan,” confirmed Maxim Tchmil, CEO of STIMA.

“The partnership with STIMA enables us to enter the luxury goods market and provide groundbreaking technology and expertise to a unique and original application. By merging historical asset information, verified authenticity, and asset security into a digital identity, we create real-time visibility of the asset’s value: an innovation that enhances its worth.” confirms Attilio Bellman, Director of Smart Digital Innovation at Antares Vision Group.