30 Jun 2020


Travagliato (BS), 30/06/2020 – The goal of maximizing efficiency remains one of the constant challenges of any production system. In this perspective, the enormous amount of data generated each day truly represents a gold mine. The AVionics software landscape from Antares Vision obtains valuable information in real time, directly from the line, plant and company through the collection and processing management of data, as well as with artificial intelligence algorithms. The data intelligence landscape system works through a system of modules capable of collecting different types of data (from lines, machines and quality controls) and connecting different equipment and machinery to each other, as well as integrating with production management software (MES, ERP, etc.) to monitor the performance and maximize the results of a plant, its production processes and production capacities, thanks to a 360° management of all the data generated.

The multinational world leader proposes an innovative, modular and scalable solution suitable for any industry and dedicated to all functions of a production environment, which allows a more effective decision-making process and improved planning, with the goal to achieve maximum efficiency.

“Our data management solutions operate in real time alongside the production and quality processes and provide information on useful values to help guide future businesses – says Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision –. A future, which is now marked by the digital transformation, with companies where all the relevant data are interconnected, aggregated, analysed and used proactively, within a smart ecosystem. A data analysis that opens up unique opportunities and allows companies to be highly competitive, providing the best picture of market demands and maximising business opportunities. A true production intelligence that offers a significant advantage to decision-makers thanks to the digitalisation of their business, optimising costs, improving quality, accelerating innovation and redefining the customer experience”.

AVionics consists of five modules that can be implemented independently or in combination with each other to better collect and interpret data, with different purposes for each module. A single software platform, therefore, from which the various licenses and features can be activated:

  • AVionics Performance: monitors productivity performance and KPIs, analyses and plans trends, is able to identify the best performance at line, plant and company level;
  • AVionics Quality: collects data from quality controls through a statistical check of processes based on their quality and variability, capable of constructing models and trends in order to create predictive analyses;
  • AVionics Manager: controls and optimises the entire production process (from the line or from the control room) thanks to a centralised storage that allows an exchange of input and output data and to make decisions based on occurring events;
  • AVionics Maintenance: helps to improve performance by directing predictive and preventive system technical maintenance;
  • AVionics Sustainability: collects electricity consumption data and specific parameters related to the environmental impact in order to reduce consumption, waste, improve ROI, document and improve the environmental profile of products;

Thanks to AVionics, Antares Vision is able to design and implement new additional and tailor-made functionalities for all five modules. Furthermore, through artificial intelligence algorithms based on machine-learning processes, it can further enhance system accuracy and reliability over time. AVionics, in addition to the ease of installation and integrated connectivity that allows the software to adapt to existing systems on the production lines without affecting validation procedures and performance, therefore provides multiple benefits:

  • constant monitoring of the performance of processes and KPIs on all levels (lines, plants, company) through customizable and user-friendly dashboards, to achieve a constant and complete control in real time.
  • strategic support to coordinate all the production departments with targeted actions in real time, to plan and improve current and future activities, based on trends and history.
  • a continuous improvement through artificial intelligence that grants access to the information needed to quickly make decisions in order to keep production planning efficient;
  • a sustainable technology that helps companies reduce consumption and waste in order to increase ROI and improve the environmental impact of production.

For further information:

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