30 Sep 2019


Terms for an Industrial Partnership also agreed

Travagliato (BS), Canelli (AT), Alseno (PC) 30 September 2019 – Antares Vision S.p.A. (Antares Vision) world leader in technologies for Track & Trace, Inspection Systems and Smart Data Management, and Arol S.p.A. (Arol) active in the design and production of capping systems, have executed the acquisition by Antares Vision of FT System S.r.l. (FT System) – a company controlled by Arol, specialized in inspection and control systems in the sector of bottling and packaging. The purchase agreement has been accompanied by an industrial partnership agreement.

Thanks to the FT System acquisition, Antares Vision will now be able to: increase product offers in the beverage industry in particular, thanks to the know-how and expertise held by FT System, as well as extend its geographical presence in new countries, adding to those already present (US, France, Brazil, India, Mexico, China, UK and Spain), increase market penetration benefitting from FT System consolidated clients’ base and commercially strengthen and develop cross selling by integrating tracking solutions and intelligent data management.

Arol Group will be able to promote the investments and acquisitions’ plan in the strategic sector of capping and sealing and increase its capability to integrate inspection and control systems. Along with the FT System acquisition, an industrial partnership agreement has been executed between Antares Vision, FT System and Arol. The aim is to build a competitive advantage in the market, thanks to a complete offer: control and inspection to satisfy quality standards, product traceability on the line to guarantee transparency and intelligent production data management to maximize the offer.

Mr. Fabio Forestelli and Mr. Ferdinando Tuberti will keep operating in FT System as Managing Directors and follow the development project based on the agreement with Antares Vision, to guarantee continuity of business management.

“The agreement with FT System will allow us to give the green light to a development project in the beverage industry, which is unique for its width and quality of the offer and geographical extension”, declared Mr. Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision. “Our strategy of diversification of relevant industries is also based on finding exceptional partners as FT System, which possess a solid know-how, experience and capacity of technological innovation”.

“This agreement”, declared Mr. Alberto Cirio, CEO of Arol Group, “confirms our ambitious industrial plan which will prosecute with investments and acquisitions focused in the strategic sectors of capping and sealing, by increasing at the same time, the integration of inspection and control systems in our machines – thanks to the strong synergy with Antares Vision and FT System and to the innovative co-development projects which have already commenced. I would like to express all my gratitude to the FT System team for the incredible work done in the last 10 years and compliment the Managing Directors Fabio Forestelli and Ferdinando Tuberti for the important milestones achieved together, which have established a benchmark in the sector of inspection and control. I am sure that this new partnership will contribute to the world growth of Arol, Antares Vision and FT System Italian technology”.

“We are very proud to become part of the Antares Vision family”, commented Fabio Forestelli, founding member and Managing Director of FT System, “acknowledgment of the great value and placement in markets in 20 years of activity. A special thanks to the Cirio family and the AROL Group for believing in FT System. Thanks to the synergies that will immediately be established with Antares Vision and to the technological partnership with AROL Group, FT System will be able to accelerate its ambitious ongoing projects and further increase its presence in the markets”.

About Antares Vision

Antares Vision guarantees the process of protecting products throughout their life-cycle, throughout the most comprehensive and scalable global solutions in Inspection Systems, Track & Trace and Smart Data Management for the most demanding industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, beverage, cosmetics and fashion. With its products and services, Antares Vision are reaching more than 60 countries worldwide with three Italian branches (Brescia, Parma, Latina), eight foreign branches (Germany, France, Ireland, USA, Brazil, India, Russia and Hong Kong), two Innovation Centers located in Italy and Ireland (Galway) and a worldwide network of more than 30 partners. With a 20 year experience in vision technologies, Antares Vision is the supplier of 10 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies: more than 25,000 inspection systems ensure every day product safety and quality, while over 2,500 serialization lines are installed all over the world to guarantee the tracking of more than 5 billion products across the whole supply chain. Antares Vision has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since April 2019 – the AIM Italia/ Alternative market segment is dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs.

About Arol Group

AROL Group includes AROL closure system, the global point of reference with 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of capping equipment, feeding and cap orientation machines, UNIMAC-GHERRI, specialist in filling and closing glass containers with twist-off tops and TIRELLI, focused on packaging equipment for the cosmetics industry. The solutions proposed by AROL Group can serve therefore beverage, wine and spirits, food, cosmetics, home care and chemical industries. To date, AROL Group has installed more than 27,000 machines worldwide, has 740 specialists in 14 operative branches throughout the world.

About FT System

Founded in 1998, FT System is specialized in the design and production of non-destructive inspection and control systems both on production lines and in the laboratory for the beverage, wine and spirits, food, cosmetics, home care and chemicals sectors. From the inspection of empty containers and caps to the filling levels, accurate capping, leakage detection, measuring the internal pressure of the container and weight control, checking the label and laboratory analysis, FT System guarantees the quality of the final product, optimizing production and reducing costs. It has a customer portfolio of over 2000 companies in 60 countries with more than 5200 machines installed.

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