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Supporting those who value the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of their own city, in our opinion means representation of an act of gratitude towards the territory. Brescia, where Antares Vision took its first steps and it has supported the company in its growth in so many ways, has allowed us to be where we are today. It is an act of respect for what has been, and is still today, the result of ingenuity and testimony of dialogue and civilization. This is the reason why Antares Vision actively participates in the sponsorship of artistic, musical and traditional craftsmanship projects.

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Antares Vision strongly believes in the traditions, history and culture of the surrounding area in which it is rooted. In accordance with this, it has solidified a partnership with the Fondazione Brescia Musei since 2015 and actively participated in the restoration of the Winged Victory, the International Festival of Lights, shortly followed by lighting up “CidneOn” and more recently entered the “Garden of Eden” the summer festival dedicated to good cinema. In 2020, Antares Vision consolidated the relationship by joining the three-year “Alleanza Cultura” project, that will make it possible to enhance the city’s artistic and cultural heritage and to support major cultural communication events.Thanks to this new agreement between public and private, Antares Vision makes the investment in the artistic and cultural heritage – an element of the company’s social mission, committing itself not only to support the projects, but to make them its own and to promote them as if it were Antares Vision itself between the organizers.


The commitment to safeguarding the cultural heritage of the city of Brescia saw Antares Vision at the forefront of the restoration of the Winged Victory – in close collaboration with Fondazione Brescia Musei. The Winged Victory, bronze sculpture of the first century, has been one of the most recognizable symbols of the city since 1826 and the support for its restoration project was to be the first gesture of gratitude and thanksgiving to the area in which Antares Vision grew up. In May 2019, after the diagnostic phase, the statue was transferred to the laboratories of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, for the conservative restoration, and will return to Brescia by the end of 2020 in a new location specially designed for this priceless artifact.
Watch the video Art Bonus for the Winged Victory with a speech by Emidio Zorzella.

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Antares Vision is proud to announce the launch of the Raffaele La Ragione and Marco Crosetto musicians’ new album. In addition to the interest in music, in all its manifestations, active participation in the project is linked to Brescia’s inventiveness and innovation. Studies carried out by La Ragione have shown that Beethoven wrote his pieces especially to be played with the mandolin of Brescia, a particular instrument in use in and around the Brescia area as early as the 17th century. It had an international prominence in the following century thanks to Bartolomeo Bartolozzi, a musician and composer from Toscolano Maderno, a small town on the outskirts of Brescia by Lake Garda, who moved with his mandolin, first to London and then to Vienna, where he lived in Walfischgasse (allegedly that of Beethoven). The CD features combinations of pieces composed by Beethoven, Bartolozzi and Hummel. The latter is another composer which includes mandolin pieces to complete the overview of the authors who tried their hand at the mandolin and who were contemporaries among them.

Check the full album on Spotify – Beethoven and his Contemporaries


Antares Vision welcomes and supports Rinascimento Culturale, an apolitical and non-profit association that brings together people who share a great love for artistic and cultural heritage as well as a passion for the area in which they live combined with the desire to evolve, renew and grow. Its mission is to create a virtuous network based on dialogue, comparison and involvement of institutions, universities, schools, other associations and all those who intend to make a contribution to relaunch the territory, promote its culture, as well as create opportunities for meeting and sharing to encourage training and to promote the diffusion of the arts. Every year Rinascimento Culturale organizes a Cultural Festival, born to spread new ideas, perspectives and visions by inviting distinguished guests to address wide-ranging themes: Mathematics, Physics, Genetics, Philosophy & Theology, Sociology, Art & Literature, Environment, Nutrition and Medicine.

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