Supply Chain Transparency

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Complete supply chain visibility for the Food Industry

Safety. Compliance. Traceability. Brand protection. Consumer engagement.

Our end-to-end digital supply chain visibility solutions help companies protect product authenticity, meet traceability requirements, and deliver a more resilient and agile supply chain. With an integrated solution, you can verify the quality and safety of ingredients and finished goods, fight counterfeits, diversion, and other brand threats, and connect consumers with product provenance and transparency.


  • Transform costs to value with digitalization
  • Software suite for compliance with worldwide traceability regulations
  • Leverage compliance with crowdsourced consumer engagement
  • Improve agility, pre-empt and respond to recalls at speed
  • Exponential increase in accurate, reliable, and quantifiable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data to meet obligations
  • Fight counterfeits, diversion, theft, and other brand threats with end-to-end supply chain transparency
  • Owned, consumer media channel for direct-to-consumer engagement and first-party data
  • Real-time, actionable insights at point of consumption
  • Rapid, cost-effective use of digital assets delivering unlimited personalized experiences
  • Deep expertise in both hardware and software solutions
  • Only solution provider to support all levels (L1-L5) of the serialization, and traceability stack
  • Complete, scalable, flexible solution for all the scenario and stakeholders