The Group, with an integrated ecosystem of solutions and a hub of technologies, supports the agri-food sector, companies, and institutions in the ecological transition.

Travagliato (Bs), 12 June 2023 – Emidio Zorzella, President and Co-CEO of Antares Vision Group, the technology partner for digitalisation of products and supply chains and a leader in traceability and inspection, spoke at the seventh edition of the Food Forum 2023, held 9-10 June in Bormio (SO). The event, organised by the Ambrosetti Club of The European House Ambrosetti, a permanent platform for high-level discussion and networking among top executives, policymakers, and thought leaders in Europe and reflection on future scenarios of Food & Beverage, is dedicated to “the Roadmap for the future of F&B: evolution and future challenges”, with focus on the evolutions and challenges of the agri-food chain. Mr. Zorzella delivered a speech dedicated to “Traceability as a driver for conscious sustainability”, with a technological focus on sustainability, one of the most compelling issues for companies, institutions, as well as final consumers.

Sustainability, in the sense of sustainable development, is a fundamental principle of the European Union and its policies, which have defined objectives and models such as the Green Deal and Farm to Fork. The latter, Zorzella noted, has a considerable impact on the agri-food sector: The Common Agricultural Policy encourages agreements between supply chain players and pushes towards transparent communication on product labels, greater attention to waste, fair access to resources, and promoting healthy eating. “The European strategy”, Zorzella explained, “is closely linked to Made in Italy and its challenges: combating the ‘Italian Sounding’ phenomenon and counterfeiting, guaranteeing the safety and authenticity of products, promoting a sustainable transition and transparent information to consumers”.

“Technological innovation”, Zorzella continued, “is the path of choice towards sustainability; today we can support companies in data collection at every step of the supply chain and in the integrated management of product, process, and supply chain data. This enables sustainable paths and virtuous practices such as waste reduction or product recalls, guarantees food safety and product quality and authenticity, and efficient use of resources. It is essential to create a system and an ecosystem: at the government level, with a vision of the country and a regulatory system to protect Made in Italy; at the supply chain level, ensuring transparency and safety of products and supply chains through traceability; and at the consumer level, with accessible and reliable information for an informed choice”.

The collection and integration of data and information contributes to the construction of a “high-quality”, safe, and sustainable supply chain, accessible through an intelligent label that conveys digital identity information to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the product during its life cycle.

Zorzella concluded, “In this sense, traceability is the tool that satisfies multiple objectives: food safety, product quality, efficient production processes, recall management, protecting Made in Italy, combating ‘Italian Sounding’, compliance with laws and regulations, and guaranteeing a consumer experience based on trust and transparency. Sustainability is the result of an integration of information at the product, process, and supply chain levels”.

Antares Vision Group, BF, Bluarancio, and SDF pooled skills, resources, and experience when they founded RURALL to build a complete technological infrastructure for the digitalisation and traceability of agri-food products along the entire supply chain, from raw materials (using IoT devices and field sensors) to the transformation and management processes of each step, and through Big Data and artificial intelligence solutions, which can be integrated with blockchain, all the way to the final consumer.