27 Jun 2024



The Group has assisted BF SpA and its Le Stagioni d’Italia brand in the “Transparent Supply Chain” project by developing the first rice traceability system, thanks to dynamic QR Codes that give each product package a Unique Digital Identity.

Quality, Transparency, and Information

Quality, transparency, and information: these are the cornerstones that reflect the needs of Italian consumers and, consequently, producers, called upon to respond with targeted interventions in the name of innovation and traceability. In this context, Antares Vision Group has developed the hardware and software technology for the first traceability project of the Italian rice supply chain, from the farm to the final consumer. The Group, indeed, has been selected as the technological partner by BF SpA, the most important Italian agro-industrial group, for the “Transparent Supply Chain” project. Therefore, from now on, every package of rice from the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand will have a QR code on the label, allowing consumers to track the product’s lifecycle through Antares Vision Group’s traceability system. This marks the first project of its kind, carried out in collaboration with RurAll, a company with the aim of promoting the ecological and digital transition of the agri-food sector through a technological ecosystem for collecting and processing data from the agri-food supply chain.

Empowering Supply Chain Transparency: The Dynamic QR Code Solution for Agri-Food Traceability

This ecosystem enables the traceability of all information related to the supply chain, starting from the cultivation field and passing through each transformation and processing phase, up to the creation of a Unique Digital Identity through the printing – at line speed on different type of support – of a QR code applied to each product package. The QR code is unique, allowing the identification and tracking of each specific package; it is also dynamic, providing consumers with visibility into the supply chain down to the individual plot of land from which the rice originated. Furthermore, geolocation provides diversified information depending on the user scanning the QR code, such as active promotions in a specific geographic area, personalized recipes, or data regarding sustainability and quality, ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain.

Comprehensive Hardware and Software Solutions: Antares Vision Group’s Key to Product Unique Digital Identity and Supply Chain Transparency

Antares Vision Group reaffirms itself as a provider of hardware and software solutions. In this case, the designed machine incorporates a printing solution that prints the QR code and verifies its actual presence and readability, while the software manages the unique and dynamic serial codes, allowing access to various specific information regarding origin, processing practices, and transformation for each package. The benefits of product serialization include direct end-to-end communication with the final consumer, brand protection and enhancement, combating gray markets, and supply chain transparency.

The technology, potentially applicable to all agri-food supply chains, offers the possibility to control the message conveyed through the QR code at the level of each package. In the event of a recall, for example, it’s possible to precisely identify the packages subject to the measure and insert a specific message for the consumer, urging them not to use the product, providing instructions on how to return it, and obtaining a replacement. Furthermore, the dynamic QR code lends itself to organizing promotions or contests and structuring a dedicated consumer experience for specific packages or even at the level of each package.