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Dividers / Combiners

The Antares Vision Group high-speed sliding slat systems are designed to divert, divide, or combine different types of products on or from multiple lanes.

These systems can be fully configured according to the specific customer requirement: they can receive products from various parallel lanes upstream and align them on one or more tracks downstream. Or, conversely, receive the products from one or more upstream lanes and divide them into several downstream lanes.

The smooth and progressive movement allows to effectively manage any product, including unstable ones, even in high-speed production lines.

The system can be implemented with various modules, including: infeed / outfeed passage modules, which facilitate the passage of the product upstream or downstream, or equalisation modules; the latter allow, after having divided the products on several lanes, to make them continue aligned, for example to synchronize their entry into a pasteurization or cooling tunnel.

The careful design and the use of high quality materials and components allow to contain any friction between the metal parts, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the system and limiting the noise level to a minimum.

  • Compliance Industry 4.0: with Bidirectional Protocol
  • Conformity: CE, HACCP, GMP
  • Linear Speed: up to 80 m/min 
  • Weight Range: up to 30000 g  
  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • Sliding slats
  • Handles the division or alignment of products in an extremely agile way
  • Arranges the products as required by the downstream machine, for example by distributing them on several lanes as they enter an oven or, conversely, by re-compacting them to be easily inserted into a secondary package
  • Optimizes process automation, improving plant production capacity
  • Does not need to change the line speed
  • Hygienic design and sturdiness make it suitable for any environment, even the most harsh
  • Integration with inspection solutions allows to have a single touch point for product inspection and handling
  • S Series (maximum width: 700 mm)
  • M Series (maximum width: 1200 mm)
  • H Series (maximum width: 2100 mm)