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In-line leak detection system LDS IoT CO2

The in-line seal control system designed by Antares Vision Group performs non-destructive checks on 100% of production, guaranteeing food safety and quality of the final product. The inspection system uses IR spectroscopy technology that detects, if there are holes or micro-holes on the packaging and/or seal, any CO2 leaking from the package without changing the line speed and/or internal composition of the modified atmosphere.

The inspection system provides real-time data updates as soon as a micro leak is detected and automatically rejects the package to protect your brand and guarantee the quality to the consumers.

With LDS 700 you will reduce costs related to scraps, by optimising the sealing process, withdrawals or recalls, and labour hours wasted with manual inspections. With our inspection systems, you can be sure that your products will be safe and of quality when they arrive at your end customer.

  • Leak detection and seal check (holes and micro-holes)
  • In-line and Non-destructive controls
  • Checks on 100% of production
  • Laser spectroscopy
  • Guarantee of the good sealing of the package
  • Product quality
  • Protection of Brand reputation
  • Reduction of costs due to product returns
  • Reduction of costs due to personnel involved in spot checks
  • Reduction of costs due to destructive checks
  • Sustainability Improvement: less quantity of plastic produced and less food waste
  •  LDS 700