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Checkweigher – F Series

Packital F Series checkweighers are the heavy duty solution for the continuous weighing of metal cans and glass jars.
These units are particularly functional in the canning, chemical and petrochemical industries and in all applications that involve abundant washing and product spills.

The F Series units are extraordinarily robust, equipped with a chain or belt transport system that excludes the typical risks of the belts heeling or slipping on the drive drums and are the ideal solution in the presence of water, oil, detergents or abrasive or hygroscopic powders.

The F series checkweighers can be implemented with side-by-side transfer solutions from or to adjacent conveyors and with timing systems such as screws, stars, prongs, etc., to meet the typical needs of high-speed lines or with unstable containers.
Capacity up to 6 kg with MID certification.


  • Screws, spacing/timing systemsz
  • Push ejection unit, mobile arm, sliding plate divider or hinged conveyor to adapt to the characteristics of the processed product