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O2 / CO2 non-destructive analyzer – EVO P

The EVO-P is a non-destructive analyzer to check O2 and CO2 inside food packaging. It’s based on laser spectroscopy technology and uses the particular physical property of specific molecules in the gaseous state, i.e., the ability only to absorb light at specific wavelengths. It enables the measurement of the concentration of gases (O2 and CO2) inside sealed packaging quickly and accurately. EVO-P can analyze MAP products to detect if there is the right concentration of mixture gas inside the packaging or to analyze the presence of oxygen that creates negative effects on organoleptic characteristics. The measure is repeatable during the product’s shelf-life to have information on the interaction between gas-food and on product preservation in case of change in the type of packaging, i.e. sustainable packaging. 

  • CO2 and O2 concentration
  • Laser spectroscopy based
  • Non-destructive analyzer
  • High reliability
  • Fast, repeatable, and easy measurement
  • Suitable for all sealed packaging (bags and trays)
  • No consumables or wear parts
  • Automatic measurement of product temperature
  • Maintenance free
  • No product loss
  • Friendly user interface
  • Guarantee the correct mixture of gas inside the packaging for MAP product
  • Evaluation of gas-food interaction during the shelf life of the product
  • Increase the number of analyzable samples for repeatable measurement
  • Non-destructive method-sustainability increase
  • No variability in measurements due to the operator
  • Accurate evaluation of the effects on food in case of a change of type of packaging, i.e. sustainable
  • Brand protection
  • EVO P