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The guarantee of product quality, safety, and sustainability are central issues for the consumer, who increasingly guides the choices of companies in product development. Knowing the history of the product, its characteristics, its quality, and its sustainability are essential for the consumer. At the same time, for manufacturing companies, it is necessary to intercept the needs of consumers.

The technology that is increasingly able to offer solutions is essential to obtain results. Technologies that can be applied with online inspections to guarantee product quality and safety, integrity and compliance of the packaging and digital technologies that, when applied to company production systems and the supply chain, help to combat product counterfeiting and complement traceability up to the final consumer.



The products’ value depends on the company’s processes to ensure that only quality products are present in the supply chain. Our inspection systems, through innovative technologies, can guarantee the quality and safety of the product, detecting in-line defects of integrity and conformity of the packaging and foreign bodies before they reach the shelf.


Creating a digital identity for products makes it possible to communicate to the consumer its history, and the origin of the raw materials, guaranteeing their quality and wholesomeness. Through our traceability platform, it is possible to build a transparent supply chain to ensure the brand’s reputation, discourage counterfeiting and gray markets, and create a direct relationship of trust and involvement with consumers.


Printing the serial code on the container creates a digital identity for your product. It allows you to trace it along the supply chain up to the consumer, guaranteeing product quality and safety and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain with a reduction of costs and waste. Creating the product’s digital identity through serialisation and aggregation allows you to build a relationship of trust with the consumer and increase competitiveness.


Collecting, analysing, and interconnecting all a product’s quality and production data allows you to increase the line’s productivity and reduce costs. The “digital factory” smart data management platform enables you to process both online inspection data and offline data connected to product quality analyses and implement the analysis at the production line/s level and establishment level.


The regulatory authorities are working hard to combat the production of counterfeit products. In some countries, they can require companies to implement the “serialisation” process, which prints the placing of unique identification codes on a single container to create the “digital identity” of the single product. Through our “track and trace” solutions, we can supply both systems for printing the single identification code and the software for managing the serials generated in the production and transmitting them to the competent institutions if necessary.

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